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Welcome to Basil & Thyme! I’m a self-taught home chef with a passion for creating delicious food (and drinks) to share with friends and family. This blog is a collection of my original recipes. I hope you take the time to try some of my creations out for yourself, and if you do, I’d love to see – tag me on Instagram @basilandthymekitchen!

Latest from my Cookbook

Chicken Fajita Roll-Ups

I love a good twist on a classic dish. Chicken fajitas have always been one of my go-to easy meals, and I often order them whenever I’m at a Mexican restaurant, so the other night, I had the idea to take a classic dinner favorite and make give it a twist! These roll-ups would be…

Cheesy Caramelized Onion & Bacon Flatbreads

Yep, another flatbread! I wasn’t lying when I said my husband and I LOVE a good flatbread, and we’re always coming up with different combinations. This time, we tried out a caramelized onion and bacon flatbread, and let me tell you: it did not disappoint. This is certainly going to be a staple in our…

Slow Cooker Sweet Potato & Turkey Chili

During the colder months, like most people, I love a good slow cooker meal. Especially these days, while working from home, I love the smell of my dinner cooking, and having something warm and comforting waiting for me when I’ve logged off for the day. The best thing about this chili isn’t the warm comforting…

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